app logo The Triathlete Tracker mobile app

It makes things easier for you — predicting when an athlete will be near you, based on your location, so you can pick the most convenient spot and have the best day spectating!

app logo Have less worry

The app estimates when an athlete will be near you, based on where you are (not on any pre-determined milestones). It also provides an estimate of the athlete's location on the course map (where available), and a prediction of the finish time of bike / run. So you no longer have to try to calculate it yourself, or wonder ("Is this course one loop or two?" "Is it in miles or kilometers?").

app logo Have more time

Now you can find the best, most convenient viewing spot for you. You no longer have to spend hours along the course waiting and wondering, or making your way through the crowds to a known milestone (like a transition area)!

app logo Be more comfortable

Imagine not having to wait in the cold and the rain, or in the blazing sun. Imagine having a prediction of when your athlete will be passing by. Imagine being sure that you have time to finish that delicious glass of wine, or get a relaxing massage, or take a nap with your family - and still show your support for your athlete!

app logo Have more fun

Races are often in picturesque and exciting destinations. Perhaps you’ve flown thousands of miles / kilometers to get there. Maybe this is your one big vacation a year. Sight-see, try the local cuisine, or relax - while being just in time to cheer for your athlete on the course.

Available Now for for iPhone® and Android™!

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Use It In Just Three Easy Steps:

1) Create an account on the log-in page the first time you use the app. (We do not use your e-mail or personal info for anything except saving your account settings. We never share it with anyone else.)

2) On the "Tracking" tab, select the race you are interested in, and then search for your athlete. (If the athlete is not found, it may be that the full start list for the event is not available yet - please check again within 48 hours of the event for an update). You can add more races and athletes via the "Add More" button. You can delete entries via the "Delete" / Trashcan icon.

3) On the "Spectator" tab, select the race via the "Race" drop-down. Then select the athlete(s) via the "Athlete" drop-down. Verify or input the location for which you'd like to see the prediction. If the race is in progress, our estimate of the athlete's position will be shown, and clicking on "Predict" will show when we expect the athlete to be near you.